Just wondering if there is a way to enable spell checking in Xcode.😳

Xcode finally adds the long-awaited support for spell checking. It works natively, without any extensions, framework and third-parties.

Basically, everything inside your source editor can be spell checked: names of variables, methods and classes, string literals (including your localizable strings) and comments.

Here is how to use spell checking with Xcode

“⌘ + ;” to find next misspelled word. Works for code, strings and comments:

♠️♠️What is the Process Scheduling? | How to Works Process Scheduling 🚀 ?

The act of determining which process is in the ready state, and should be moved to the running state is known as Process Scheduling.⏱️⏱️

The prime aim of the process scheduling system is to keep the CPU busy all the time⏱️ and to deliver minimum response time for all programs…

Ravindra Bhati

I’m mobile application developer proficient with programming languages SwiftUI, Swift and Objective-C.

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